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Asli Azadi


We are living in a fast paced world where products have changed our way of living. In this rush we have forgotten to take care of ourself. We ignore the difficulties we face with the fast moving products that are in reality harming and hurting us. We try to fit in the system that is been imposed.

A simple act of wearing a bra has become an activity which women can’t ignore. Not wearing a bra leads to judgements, questions, suggestions \and myths. Even though it is very uncomfortable we prefer to put it on. This zine wants the women to feel comfortable and feel free from these chains and constrains of the society. Because self-comfort and self-love

is more important than following the trends and mentally drilled products. Being comfortable is to live in freedom.


' बेजुबानों को आवाज़ दो '

Listen to the internal voice of your body


' खुले आसमान में झूमने दो '

Feel the cold breeze and let them free

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' ये आराम का मामला है '

Comfort & freedom care is the only freedom


' मै तैयार हूं ! चलो '

I am ready let's go break stereotypes

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